Sunday, September 28, 2014

I. Hate. Being. Sick. Because it kind of sucks.

Lesson learned. Flu shots are a necessary must in life. :(

I have come to accept that me getting sick at least once or twice a year is a fact of my life. Well I say sick as if I mean it in conventional terms, but 75% of the time it's just me getting whooped hard for at least a few days due to my severe hay fever during seasonal periods and then again in winter due to a not-as-severe-but-still-serious allergy to dust.

The other 25% of the time, it's a cold. Which I often struggle to differentiate from my hay fever most of the time to be honest.

But somehow, unlike past years when the flu would pass over me with barely a sniffle, I caught the flu not once, but twice. And not the mild "you're feeling sick for a day or two and then you're over it" variety. Both in spring and this past month I caught the knock-you-out-vomiting-coughing-sore-muscles-want-to-die-because-it-is-preferable-to-this-suffering kind of flu.

Sometimes I wonder if Liz Lemon is an extension of my life.
I'm pretty unbearable as it is when allergies hit me. Guess my mood while I had the flu?

In short: IT SUCKED.

First, being sick threw my budgeting and meal plans into total chaos. Mostly because I could barely drag myself from bed and also because living with a roommate and my younger sister, I'm not exactly in a position to beg for them to care for me like I could my mother. Plus there was the whole nausea and vomiting that made eating food an exercise in "What doesn't make me feel sick"?

So I ate "out" and ordered in A LOT (every day basically for almost nine days) due to the pickiness of my digestive system while sick.

Then there's having to buy A LOT of flu medication. How much? Try $40ish dollars when it was all said and done (and yes, I bought brand name meds. Because the effectiveness of generic is not something I'm particularly interested in testing when feeling as if I want to die) and this was despite the fact I HAD cold and flu medication lying around my home from the last time I got sick with this earlier this year.

And yes, I'm partially to blame because I did skip last year's flu shot. But at the same time, I've skipped that thing for years with barely an issue several times in the past.

Maybe I'm just getting old.

It made me a grumpy panda for half of the month of September. And I had to cancel four separate appointments due to hacking up a lung.

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