Sunday, July 29, 2012

Geek Toys: sheldon's lego death star

I won't lie, when I saw this Lego Death Star on The Big Bang Theory in one of its episodes, I declared that I want it.

I mean, how is this not awesome looking? And as a fan of challenges (but not the time it can take to deal with facing such challenges) how is this not cool?

And it's massive. I mean, Sheldon isn't a small dude, and in actual measurements, it's 25 inches high (with the display stand I think though)

Now let's be absolutely clear, this is NOT a replica of the original Death Star seen in Episode IV - A New Hope.

It's actually the Death Star Mach II, the one seen in Episode VI - The Return of the Jedi. You know, the one seen hovering over the home planet of the Ewoks?

Hence why its awesome exterior texture and layers, giving it a realistic appearance of said Death Star and it is built to scale. Nerdy sounding I know but for me anyway, this is what makes this much better than the version that supposedly depicts the Death Star from Episode IV.

And going back to the challenges exclamation earlier, it has 3,417 pieces in total. In today's world, you're lucky to find a Lego set that has more than 100 pieces, most of them "specially designed" for the damn set.

There is a problem for the budding geek that is me with this particular Lego set though.

Just check out the price of the beaut on Amazon.

Yeah... you read that right. At least in Canadian dollars, it costs $1200 dollars. That's four times the cost of the other Death Star. That's more than one month's rent for me (almost two). And as a poor student making ends meat (barely) by doing a million small jobs here and there, it's just not feasible in the present day.
And let's be frank, I don't have money lying around in drawers like Sheldon does. In fact, I'd be lucky to have any money sitting in my bank accounts in general. Especially given the "necessary" (or at least, more necessary) purchases I will have to make going forward. Like a desktop. Or maybe a new laptop (mine is getting on the old side. How old? It still runs Windows Vista)

So I can only frown and pine for this piece. And wonder how long did it really take Chuck Lorre's production team and office staff of seven to build this for the show.


  1. Where can you buy this version of the Lego Death Star?

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