Monday, July 23, 2012

Geek Style: tardis earrings

I really like Doctor Who. And I wish I picked up on it back when it first started. But as I was poor and had no means of acquiring the series, I didn't.

I've since caught up to the end of the tenth Doctor saga (in which I must stress with no uncertain terms how much I love and adore David Tennant) and have needs to take steps towards the eleventh. But see, eleventh Doctor episodes are hard to catch on television and I haven't had the time to make moves to acquire the remaining series since.


So I was mucking about online when I found these on by Mombie Zombie and immediately decided that I wanted them. A lot. 

Problem is they cost something like 17 dollars with shipping off of Etsy. And unless I win a decent sized sum of money somewhere, it's likely not within the budget for a good while yet.

But a girl can't help but dream can they? Here are some outfits I dreamed up as inspiration that can be worn with above or really any other Tardis inspired earrings.


Note that the vein of the outfit is supposed to be inspiration, not actual "purchase these items here". I don't really expect anyone to be able to buy a $1000 dollar pinstriped blazer or a $200 white button-up shirt (especially since button-up shirts can be had for pretty cheap at H&M and the like).

Obviously the get-up is  inspired by my favourite Doctor (that being the tenth) and all the elements are there to make it a pretty good similarity. Course I lost the tie so as to make it too much of a masculine look and I didn't want the pants to match in order to give it a more casual look.


This is more of a fun, casual "I'm going to Comi-Con" look that I devised that's less costume-y and more "can wear these earrings with anything". Of course I kept to a general theme here but seriously, switch out the t-shirt and the earrings (even the necklace) can still fit in really nicely to the whole ensemble idea.

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