Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Geek Style: olympic fever

I love the Olympics.

Summer or Winter, it really doesn't matter to me. If there is live content to watch, I watch it.

Because it's the Olympics. It's the pinnacle of sports. And as a sports geek, it's my mecca.

 (Although I admit it, I much prefer Winter Olympics over the Summer)

(And I wish to stress here the word "live." Like most frequent watchers of sports, the event is simply not as much fun or interesting when you already know the results. Which is why I thank God I am a Canadian and therefore not restricted or left to have to deal with NBC's admittedly archaic broadcasting standards with their 6-hour time delay)

And when you combine Bond (especially a Daniel Craig Bond), Mr. Bean, JK Rowling, Voldemort and Kenneth Brannaugh in one's Opening Ceremonies, one can't help but pique my geek-driven interest to the max as well.

Currently I'm living out (and perhaps burning out) my Olympic obsession in an internship with CTV through my school. It not only means I can experience the sad drama that was the Women's Eppee Fencing event where South Korean fencer Shin A Lam stood on the fencing platform for an hour, refusing the leave in protest of the highly controversial and contested decision made by the judges that robbed her of her chance to fence for the gold medal as it was happening, but it also means... five hours worth of Women's Volleyball in an eight hour day.

No offence to the volleyball fanatics out there, but for me, volleyball is not an exciting sport at all. And after one game, it gets rather painful in fact.

Anyway, check out the official Hudson Bay's Canadian Olympic Collection.

It's less streamlined and more classic than it's previous collection for Vancouver 2010 and much much simpler than the one for Beijing.

I like it for that combined reason. It's simple, it's classic, to me, it's pure Canadian.

I particularly like this piece pictured here. It's a red polo with an old school crest on the breast with the word Canada beneath. It's $40 dollars and it reminds me a lot of the polo top that the Canadian Tennis team is wearing at the Olympics.

They also this amazing rugby top that sports the old-school maple leaf.

 But because this top is what defines the Canadian collection for me and represents some of my more favourite parts of the Summer Olympics, here are my outfits based upon it.

15-LOVECanadian Olympic Tennis InspirationThis outfit harkens back to the fact that this shirt essentially does remind me of the wonderfully red polos worn by the Canadian Olympic team (at least the men) in tennis. And regardless of the fact that they aren't considered medal contenders, I still will root for them.


Red Polo Intern Outfit

This was inspired by - yes - my Olympic internship. And while the outfit itself is rather bland, with the black pants and flats, I kind of liked the jewelry that was added with it. The art of accessorizing is really one of the few things I have retained as an essential part of sprucing up a normally bland work outfit. Or in one of my job's cases, uniform.

Maple Leaf PrideIt's a tribute to Canada and being Canadian here. What better way than to spruce up the polo in some summery looks with a mix of patterns as a way to support the True North? Wear your heart and your colours proudly.

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