Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Geek Living : the joys of a couch

I finally have my couch and coffee table!

After a monumental effort, and a lot of help with transporting it, and then a scary situation with transporting it because it was much bigger than expected... its all home, built and paid for and is now being enjoyed by moi.

(picture pending due to a dead camera battery)

Well, almost all.

They were missing the turquoise-coloured couch cover that I insisted I wanted for my couch. And given each cover cost a good 80 bucks, I wasn't about to buy a "back up" for the sake of having a cover.

So it's currently being covered by a spare fleece blanket that I had in the closet (and sitting on it now, it makes me excited to sit on my new couch wrapped in said fleece blanket) to keep it from getting too dirty until I can buy the cover at a later date.

And I've been enjoying my new couch ever since.

What I like best about it is it really takes me away from my bed.

High school and university has led to a rather bad habit of preferring to do various mental tasks, particularly any form of writing, from the comfort of a soft flat surface where I can sit with my legs crossed. And with a particularly uncomfortable desk chair, studying from my desk has long lost favour for me.

Basically, at home and in my current apartment, it was difficult to separate me from my bed. I did a lot of things from it that I really should not have. Like eating for instance.

It also made me very lethargic too... and I tend to pass out on it. A lot. More than I should be allowed to.

Now with this couch, I've permanently moved my laptop away from my bed and am quite comfortable and happy doing all my work from here, as spending 4 1/2 hours working on notes for an exam proved to me. It takes me into a more relatively respectable working place and allows my bed to simply be my bed.

It's pretty exciting for me.

And before you ask, the giant thing on my coffee table in the picture is a floor fan. The temperature went up to 37 degrees Celsius today, and even having a plant in front of your window to support fresh, cool air won't keep the place feeling like the inside of an oven without a fan to constantly blow semi-cooled air in your face.

Anyway, in addition to the couch and coffee table, I have also found a suitable spot for all my other furniture pieces. So now, needless to say, I'm rather excited about what I can now do with this apartment.

But before I fall precipitously into a decor frenzy - particularly geeky in design - my room has fallen into disrepair due to busy schedules and sheer laziness. For instance, my laundry from last Thursday is still half on the floor, a state that would surely leave someone of the likes of Sheldon Cooper practically gasping in horror.

Not to mention the piles of odd papers that have piled up from a semester of work that I haven't been able to organize, never mind last year's stuff that needs organizing.

So, before I go ahead and decide to make really expensive purchases or random knick-knack purchases for things that don't have a place yet, I have concocted a to-do list of different things to try and tackle every day. Each of those things needs doing, and each of those things have a different level of difficulty. Basically, I need to earn the ability to say, buy some lucky bamboo for my windowsill.

So here's the list, with perceived difficulty, with 1 being a matter of an hour or less to 5 to a couple day task.

  • Organize, sort, hole punch and binder all my papers sitting on top of my bookcase (*****)
  • Hem and sew the few curtains that are too long for the windows (****)
  • Move the router closer to the desk and away from the modem (**)
  • Fold and put away the remainder of the laundry (*)
  • Reorganize the cubbies in the bookshelf and dust it (*****)
  • Clean the kitchen floor (**)
  • Sweep all of the wooden floor space (**)
  • Frame and hang pictures (***)
So what is on my want list for stuff to spruce this place off that would cost money but not necessarily effort, mindpower and time?
  • A black hall two shelf bookshelf for shoe, hat and scarf storage, as well as a place for my keys and mail (~30 dollars)
  • A small low stool for next to the bookshelf that can work as a place to put my bag or purse (~?~)
  • A long table cover for my coffee table (~?~)
  • A decorative bucket to place on top of the toilet to put my brush and hand-towels into
  • A decorative candle holder to place make-up items that should be placed in a cup
  • A lucky bamboo plant
I have to earn those purchases by completing some of my harder tasks, or enough small tasks that allows me to work on a large task. It'll take motivation but I think I can manage. Obviously the bigger purchases require the completion of a bigger task.

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