Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Geek Living : caffeinated edition

I've been busy.

How busy?

I slept a grand total of 8 hours over 2 days. I also have a sink full of dirty dishes and a bin full of dirty laundry that I can't get to until maybe... maybe Thursday at the earliest.

Yeah. That kind of busy.

So before I pass out from the inherent lack of sleep due to the life that I live (and periodically regret while choking down another mouthful of Coca-cola in order to stay awake... though my sanity may have been adversely affected) here's some quick hits of awesome things I think is awesome today... or tonight... at the very least so far this week.

1. "Write Like the Wind (George R.R. Martin)" by Paul & Storm

While I (albeit grudgingly) subscribe to the Patrick Rothfuss and George R.R. Martin school of thought regarding the speed in which books are to be written, I can't say that as a fan I don't totally relate to this song.

It's also catchy enough that I spent the weekend listening to it. More than once. Again. 

And again.

It's pretty awesome isn't it?

Speaking of awesome songs...

2. "Skyrim" by Peter Hollens & Lindsey Stirling

Never played Skyrim and until such a time comes that someone comes along and pays me to play games (as opposed to writing stories on them) likely will find difficulty getting around to it. But the original mix here... is epic. Between the violin playing and the harmonious harmonies, it was also on my repeat list this weekend.

Plus, as a violin player through my teens (thereby fulfilling one of many major Asian stereotypes), it's hard not to have respect for the talent and the fantastic sound she produces with the instrument.

She has other (equally nerdy) violin medleys on her channel as well. Check them out!

3. AEMMA... and swords.

Part of why I slept only 8 hours so far this week is in part because of AEMMA.

AEMMA, short for the Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts, was founded in Toronto some 15ish years ago and specializes in the research and re-creation of Western medieval combat from before 1410. They have three disciplines - grappling, dagger and sword - and the curriculum is built around a historical illuminated text (basically means it was completely hand-written) written by an Italian sword master.

I found it last week while searching for a way to exercise that would be fun and won't force me to have to beg for food every other lesson. It's $22 dollars a session (and you can drop in whenever you want) or $65 dollars per month, one lesson a week.

So what does this have to do with me losing sleep? I'd tell you but it means I'll have to show you, and since I won't have it graded until next Tuesday, you'll just have to wait until then. :)

And here be a not-so-awesome thing...


I saved up enough money to finally buy my couch.

So myself and my friend Jayce went to IKEA on Saturday to give the couch a butt test and if all is well, purchase it.

First of all, the IKEA nearest to me wasn't packed. Packed would be massively understating the sheer massive insanity that was IKEA that Saturday. And I'm not talking just screaming babies. No we're talking Boxing Day busy.

We found my couch. However, since Jayce's car wasn't large enough to fit a couch, we had to figure out how to get it shipped. And since I never had anything shipped from IKEA before we had to track down an employee to answer the question "What do you have to do to arrange for an item to be shipped?"

Employee #1 brushed me off. And Employee #2, rather than answering my question, went "If you stand in this line here, I can help you."

So I stood in line, that I think was meant for more complicated questions than mine because it took a bloody age and a half to get through it.

I'm not kidding. 20 minutes later, I got my explanation.

"Oh just grab the item, pay and go to the delivery booth to arrange it."

20 minutes. For a five second answer. Time well spent!

To make matters even more special, when we got back to retrieve said couch to pay for it, there were none left. Last one was claimed only 5 minutes earlier.

So much for that shopping trip. Thanks IKEA Employees!

Epilogue: After the fact, Jayce agreed to arrange to rent his parent's SUV go to a totally different IKEA and make the purchase on my behalf. Nothing's finalized though, especially since I'm going to be busy for the foreseeable future as it stands.

Did I mention that I've been busy?

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