Thursday, July 26, 2012

Geek Style: bluenotes animal hoodie

Life and my schedule often see me juggling a million things.

Currently, it's an internship, a part-time job, and a freelance gig.

One such day, where I had to work my internship and then my freelance job, I found myself caught in the time crunch, in that in leaving later than expected from my internship, I ended up not having enough time to go home and change.

Now, it wasn't that I didn't have work appropriate clothing on (I did), it's that I didn't have a sweater. And where I work, it's a bad idea not to have extra coverage. When the guys sitting behind you usually sits with a fleece blanket over their legs, you bring coverage.

So I went to Bluenotes... the location for me to find sweaters that isn't expensive but I can generally get away with at work and in life in general.

And found THESE pictured here, wonderfully adorable, geeky animal sweaters for only $20 CDN! They even, as an additional but awesome embellishment, had horns/ears attached to the hood based on the animal they coincided with!

Just look!

Pandas, dragons, giraffes, a little devil, even a penguin! (Although the penguin was sold out by the time I got to the store. Poo :( )
There weren't exactly "work appropriate" I admit (a little too juvenile for work)... but I couldn't help it. I HAD to buy one!

And honestly, I had a terribly difficult time picking between the panda or the dragon (because the penguin wasn't there for me to pick it). I eventually settled on the dragon (which strangely enough, looks a bit like the dragon from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - except blue) because it is a bright vibrant blue, a colour I don't have too much of in my wardrobe.

Plus the panda plays a little too much into the Asian stereotype, doesn't it?

So let's have some fun and fashion some looks using the above dragon sweater!


The concept is meant to be summer casual but to still have some colour. The scarf would actually work as a belt through the tan shorts, as scarves with hoodies generally don't make sense. The fishtail braid provides some casual sophisticated class to the whole thing.


This was envisioned with a more feminine tone in mind, despite the converse shoes to tone down the overtly female edge involved. Basically the idea is that the outfit could fit right in with the boys of The Big Bang Theory, sitting with them around the coffee table eating take-out. Granted, the dragon earrings are a little out of place, but I did also want a bit of an edge on it too.

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