Thursday, March 20, 2014

Latest obsession: Ruche @

When I shop, particularly online shop, I try to do it with a certain aesthetic in mind within a certain price point. 

Classic. Easily mixed and matched. And elegant.

Mostly because I find that if I simply aimlessly shop online, I end up with an enormous amount of buyer's remorse. 

This is particularly true for when I'm shifting around in the uber-trendy but often annoying fashion world of Forever 21 - of which I tend to spend way too much time window shopping in. While enough of their designs do fit into my mental aesthetic (particularly their Love21 line) and the price is really really good, more often than not I find that the fabric and construction can be shoddy and therefore an uncomfortable piece to wear.

But when I found Ruche, a vintage-inspired store on the internet this spring, I felt like I hit the jackpot. Because it's perfect in its elegance and classic style that reminds me so much of the English countryside that I could almost picture Elizabeth Bennet wearing these!

Now granted, the price point of their items are in a higher bracket than F21's, falling more into the range of Dynamite and Jacob (but not quite as high as Club Monaco). But it was absolute treasure trove of pieces that fit into my mental aesthetic, from skirts to dresses to tops. Styles that I love to death but struggle constantly to find at a price I can afford it at.

And these are absolutely affordable.

Luckily, when I did find it, I already had a small list of things I wanted and was able to focus on those pieces - lace shirts and tanks to wear under blazers, of which I purchased two pieces (a tank top and a peplum top) and a lace inlaid dress for a nice night out, which I ended up settling on a beautiful steel blue lace sheath dress all in small.

Not only were they shipped in extremely quickly (and free once you exceed $75 dollars, which on this site really isn't hard to do due to the heightened price point) and hassle-free, but the fabric they were made of are amazingly soft and of a high quality! I couldn't believe how well made they were.

I couldn't believe how cute they were and can't wait to wear them with my existing clothing collection! (Hopefully with pictures)

Now knowing all this, I am having an extremely hard time not going absolutely insane with the site. And I don't mean a little insane either - we're talking HUNDREDS of dollars being spent on pieces that I've found since the initial discovery - from pencil skirts to dresses to jewelry.

I love it. But I can already hear my bank account sobbing.

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