Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lazy Saturdays

From Pinterest
So today I spent far too much time on Pinterest looking for casual yet cut outfits I could wear to work tonight for no other reason than the fact that I felt like procrastinating.

(Granted, in a change of things, I made my bed, folded a load of clean laundry and separated another dirty load in which to run on my next trip. So it wasn't as if I was completely idle today - like most weekends where I'd be tied ceremoniously to my computer gaming)

Casual because I work in a really relaxed space where showing up in a dress is left to those that work in front of the camera and not behind. And because it's Saturday and there's no reason for me to be dressed uncomfortably on a weekend.

Especially when one is dealing with an allergy attack that has her body partially breaking out in really itchy and uncomfortable hives.

(News flash: I am allergic to everything.)

The outfit on the left is what inspired me for today's outfit but with a few different elements to reflect what I actually have in my closet.

Like for instance, nothing in the world presently will ever justify the purchase of UGGS to me.

Despite my best attempts, I haven't quite nailed down Sunday's casual outfit. Well I narrowed it down enough that I'm going to be using my denim shirt but that's about it. We'll see what my mood is tomorrow, although I wouldn't put it past my own lazy self to just eschew the planning and just go to my standard blue jeans and sweater combo. Because that's easy and can be assembled in less than 10 minutes.

Because life can be too busy to waste time sometimes.

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