Friday, January 11, 2013

Geek Living: bedding upgrade

Last month, I moved.

As in I went from my lonely and not-so-private bachelor to a three-bedroom apartment with two other guys (Yes, guys. If you knew me, this decision would make perfect sense). It meant an upgrade in kitchen size (which is nice) but a downgrade in actual personal living space, in part because as part of the deal of me taking mostly sole possession of the extra small bathroom, I take the smallest room.

Which is totally fine for me... except one thing.

Somehow, this room is FREEZING COLD compared to the rest of the apartment.

Like, I go to bed in fleece pyjama pants, a cotton long sleeve shirt AND a sweater, and under two duvets AND I'M STILL COLD IN THE MORNING!

Amazing how small my twin looks in this picture. Also, please note that the fleece blanket is there only because when I took the picture, I was also recovering from a vicious cold...

Now part of this may be because it's the middle of winter (in Canada), and it probably wouldn't be such a bad thing in summer (although watch, as soon as summer hits, this will go opposites and become the warmest room) but it really did make me rethink my bedding.

College Fashion touched on it a week ago and they made a good point, you spend a lot of time on your bed.  I spend even more since this is what is essentially my office. I'm on my laptop in bed all the time, as you can tell from my laptop being positioned there in the picture.

So why do I only own one comforter and one (and a half I guess... the second one is so flat it's close to dead) pillows?

Also, I'm finding my colour palette and style has changed a bit since I bought my first duvet cover, which is a sort of neutral grey. I don't know if it's because I'm a chick living with two guys or what, but I've been craving more colour... feminine colours. And with my bed being the biggest piece of furniture in the room, it'd be one of the easiest ways to really make a statement.

So first I looked for inspirational pieces.

This board was made with a few things in mind. First is Penny's bed from The Big Bang Theory. I enjoyed the feminine appeal of it, but it also served as a large reminder to stay colourful and cheerful. Mix colours with bedding and keep it bright.

The vines, tree bedposts and picture of Rivendell are all reminders to keep things natural looking. It mostly is due to my hopes and expectation of possibly getting a "summer look" for my bedroom that is more... elvish in nature... something with a vine pattern.

Now it took some time, research and a lot of hemming and hawing, but I selected and purchased my duvet/comforter set on the right.

It's from Blancho Bedding (which ships out of Texas apparently) and I ordered it through Amazon. It's not here yet... but hopefully it will be as the projected time is now within the next week or so. This was step one.

(And may I add, they have a really fabulous selection of colourful, bright and patterned duvet covers and bedding that would brighten any room. Would recommend a good look at their stock)

The other steps?

Two more puffy, comfy "sleeping" pillows for when I feel like relaxing and bright coloured pillowcases... preferably in light blue. A second comforter. And a BRIGHT but solid coloured duvet cover (or with a mild pattern... like my current grey one... but with colour) for it so it can double as a sheet without actually being a sheet! (sheets being too flimsy and troublesome for me)

And a throw pillow for decoration and sham for the really cold nights.

Quite a bit eh? All for an upgrade on a more comfortable bed. But let's be honest, when I finally set it up (and place the decorations and what have you around it) it will be worth it.

Stay tuned...

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