Monday, January 21, 2013

Geek Style: getting involved in the floral denim fad

You can thank the celebrities for this.

Last year evolved around the emergence of the floral patterned tights. This year, it looks as if floral (or really, simply multi-patterned) denim is going to be the big fashion hit for this season. You simply cannot walk into a cheap chic store like Forever21 or even Bluenotes without seeing something that has some kind of vibrant pattern of some sort.

Throw in the popularity of neon colours this year iton it and you've got a real cacophony of multi-patterned/coloured pants all waiting for the warm weather.

Now generally, I don't usually care for these transitional fashion fads and there is no way to describe these multicoloured things AS a fad, one minute there, the next in the nearest Salvation Army.

But while flipping through a copy of People's Style Watch that I picked up between working at one job before heading to the other and found these floral printed jeans in there.

And I realized that I really really wanted them.

They're called the Black Orchid Black Jewel tencel skinny denim. And I thought the pattern was in style, but highly subtle in the sense that they don't overpower the pants and is a softer pattern than some of those I've seen around.

And I thought it suited me.

But in the magazine, they were advertised as being $168. In American. That's a lot of money for a fashion fad if you ask me.

(And while I can see that the link indicates that they're currently on sale for $16.80, they only ship within the USA. So yeah)

I did however find a relatively similar pair through Forever21 called Life in Progress Rose printed skinnies.

They lack the variety of colour that the Black Orchid version does - it is very black and white as opposed to including a touch of green and pinks in a greyish-white colour - but the pattern is there and the subtlety still exists, which is what I really liked.

They're easy to dress up, or dress down and is also appropriate (within reason of course) for where I work. Which is a huge plus.

In terms of how I'd wear them, it can be clearly seen in the above picture of celebrities wearing the pants, avoid other patterns. The pants are obviously the statement piece and therefore other patterns added in will overwhelm the look and you.

Don't shy away from colour, but be mindful of what works with the pattern. Luckily, because of its neutral colourings, they will and do match just about anything and any colour, so in this particular pair, I don't have to worry too much.

It'll be harder to maintain because the colour is so stark white and therefore will get dirty far more easier than say a dark wash jean (and trust me, I am a klutz when it comes to this kind of thing), but in the end, they look and feel fantastic.

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