Friday, January 11, 2013

Geek Style: the unnecessary necessity of having to wear a bra

Sometimes, being a woman sucks.

I mean, when you go shopping for stuff like, pillows, pillowcases and underwear, logic would dictate that the pillows should be the more expensive purchase of the two. Nope. My lingerie haul was nearly twice what I spent for two pillows and two pillowcases at Sears.

And it's not like it's a large underwear haul either. Well actually, it was... but it was out of necessity.

See, La Senza was having an amazing clearance sale in which bras were going for $9.99 a pop, which was awesome especially since I REALLY needed bras after having thrown away two or so of 'em because those were falling apart after years of service. So I got five of them, figuring that that would hold me down for the foreseeable future.

I hate having to buy bras. And every time I go shopping for them, they're often going for at least $30 a pop for me and it's just so hard to swallow spending that kind of money on something that no one sees... that is if you don't dress like a skank or something (not that everyone who flashes their bra to the public are skanks... but let's just say, if it ain't work-safe, you're going to get judged as one!).

I mean, 30 dollars can get me three solid books to read! Or a REALLY nice top from H&M or Forever21. Something I can actually show off, rather than hide under my not-as-expensive shirts, tops or buttondowns.

I get that it's another thing that makes YOU the individual happy having some secret, sexy under-thing on. It's a self-esteem thing to be able to wear something that a guy would look at and oogle over. And really, isn't that all Victoria Secret sells itself on anyway? This image of self esteem in sexy underwear?

But the price tag hardly makes it worth it in my eyes. One time I walked home having spent $60 dollars on two bras (and the second was half off!) and after maybe the first time I wore it, I barely paid attention to the fact it had a nice colourful pattern or lace or what-have-you. At some point, it's about the fact that the straps twist easily, it doesn't wash well and the strap slips off your shoulder too easily and you're constantly having to adjust the goddamn thing!

Problem is it's one of those necessities that women need unless you plan to have people see the shape of your nipples every day or really know how low they go. Although for me it's more the nipple thing as really, I don't have boobs that hang low anyway. I'm still young after all. And childless.

And really, I don't consider covering my nipples with stickers as a cheap alternative. Mostly because that can be even more uncomfortable than wearing a bra. Mostly the chaffing.

And by the way... today I totally bought TWO lacy pieces. Because even I need a self-esteem raiser underneath my button-down shirts and jeans.

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