Monday, September 24, 2012

Geek Living: the path to vanity solutions

So it has been awhile. My excuse being is that writing 600-word sports articles every day and then working on top of it has exhausted me past a point that I care to talk about in great detail.

Anyway... after days and weeks of fiddling around, reorganizing and moving stuff in out and around I have finally mostly finished the layout and look of the vanity block in the corner of my room!

I wanted something a bit girly, chic, blue and classic. There are no real drawers to this set up, mostly cups and everything there is set in a place that makes it generally easy to get the items.

Now the block that my vanity sits atop of is kind of weird in that it's about chest high, sits in a corner of my room by the windows and doesn't seem to do anything. Well I at least managed to make the best of it in the end.

The necklaces are hung on a nail from the wall, and the black wall art is from Dollarama. Actually, quite a lot of the items used as storage here are from Dollarama.

Let's go for the close-up.

The bottles on the tray there are stuff that I generally use daily - the whitening serums from UNT, BB cream I bought at Sephora, foundation and moisturizing night cream from Neutrogena.

The blue jeweled clips are being used as decoration.

The antique-y plate is from Goodwill and is covered with rings, stud earrings and other assorted jewelry.

All of this is sitting on a "tray" that is really a fancy little frame I also got at Goodwill for a small price. I backed that with a piece of fancy letter paper and set it down to separate my vanity up a bit and enable me to maintain some set of organization.

The idea to set the frame down as a tray was actually a lovely idea I found on The Lovely Undergrad.

Other ideas I drew from this lovely image was obviously the mirror picture frame in the background, and the little candle cups from Dollarama which I used to store my Q-tips and the shorter brushes and utensils like nail clippers and tweezers.

Here's another look at how I used the candle cups in another close-up

As you can see, I have a larger, blue candle holder for my larger make-up tools and  brushes.

All this was piled in front of the shelf, which I used to store my hair-ties and then my larger bottles like my nail-polish remover, my pedi-creme from Julep (I'll write about that later) and regular lotion for when I don't want to use my nutty body butter from the Body Shop (which I love using)

Along the top, you can see where I hang my collection of hanging earrings. For lack of a better spot to put them, I store them there. It works for the time being, but I would like to eventually give it its own storage space.

However, my favourite part of this (and my other image) is the jars I used to store both my make-up (the stuff that is less frequently used) and my large collection of nail polish. It's fancy, looks nice and because the nail polish and that make-up is less likely to be used regularly, the difficulty that exists in digging for some products isn't a huge deal. And really, it's only an inconvenience of less than a minute.

That idea was actually found when I went looking for different ways to decorate my bookshelf when I found this on GeekyPosh.

I circled it for your convenience, but as you can see, I thought it was brilliant and so chic looking. Also, storing my nail polish has been such an issue for me for such a long while that to find this was like a god-send. I loved it!

Again, sorry for the delays in posting! But I'm still here and still poking and prodding my stories along about living and learning a geek-filled life while pursuing a dream in sports. 

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