Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Geek'd: sheldon's ocd calendar

I was sick this past week. And had to go to work.

And it sucked.

Now I really really love my current (and soon to be ending for the season) job in sports, and I'm really proud I have it and can execute it.

But when you're sick as a dog with the common cold, it can be very very difficult to enjoy being at work, as it was this past week.

And don't get me wrong; normally, I can handle the common cold without issue. Because normally, my worst enemy is congestion. So I pop a few pills, wait a half hour, throw in a bag of Halls and I'm good to go.

But this one was different, in that it gave me the world's worst runny nose ever. And sneeze a lot And nothing, not even a bag of Halls, can keep that from getting annoying when you're doing a job that generally requires you to use both hands.

And before you ask, it is next to impossible to call in sick to this job. And I'm not saying you can't - you can technically - but you put everyone in a bind because it means in a limited amount of time they have to track down a replacement for you. And because of that, doing so bodes very very ill for you going forward.

So short of death or dying, you're expected to show up to work.

Anyway, one of the things that pulled me through and tided me over during the whole ordeal was, of course, the Big Bang Theory. Largely for its whimsy, but also because the Comedy channel here in Canada had a "Labour Day Weekend Marathon" this weekend where they played The Big Bang Theory.

And only the Big Bang Theory.

All three days nonstop.

It was awesome.

And I dunno if it was the fact I fell asleep to it or anything, but I woke up wanting to chart out Sheldon's Calendar of daily monotonous routine.

So I looked it up and apparently the writer's for the show made a version based on what we have seen so far from the show for its fans on Google Calendar.

There are obviously a few holes (though I'm pretty sure Tuesday night is Klingon Boggle night), such as the evening's activities for Thursday, breakfast for all the mornings but Monday and Saturday among other things but it's pretty complete as far as what the episodes have revealed.

And yet another way for me to revel in my nerdism of this show.

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