Thursday, September 6, 2012

Geek Looks: the julep maven

So about two weeks ago, I discovered this subscription nail polish deal called Julep Maven

The premise is that every month for $20 dollars, you get a package sent to you of various product items relating to nail polish and care valued at $40 dollars.

Normally that wouldn't thrill me or interest me. What made me go ahead with it in the end however was that with a coupon/promo code (I used the code COLOR2012, but there are others that you can find and likely use online), you can get the first box for ONE CENT.

The one cent charge, from what I gather though is really to ensure that you have a valid and working credit card.

So I bit.

I did their quiz. They classified my style as "Classic with a twist" and recommended a certain set as my first kit.

And yesterday, my package from this month's set arrived.

As you can see, I got two nail polish colours and a pedi-creme (which I thought was a weird selection given that it's September and so sandal season is pretty much over until next May... but oh well).

Interested? Click here to join!

Now here's the important part. Once you sign up and they deliver this box, you become a member of their subscription group, meaning that every month from here-in, they will send you a new box, but charge you $20 dollars on your credit card for it.

They do however, send an email informing of when your next box is coming and with what products, and then give you the option to opt out for the month. If you opt out for whatever reason, you won't get charged $20 dollars and they don't send you a gift box.

But you really have to stay on top of this because they only give you roughly 5 days to opt out of the process before they proceed with the transaction.

They also make it challenging to cancel your prescription as well, at least, compared to how easy it is to cancel online subscriptions in general. As I read it, there is no way for you to email them to cancel it. You have to actually dial in a phone number and call them to cancel your plan.

My thoughts are to give it 3 months. If I don't like any of the packages they send me in that time, I'll cancel. So I'm taking it on a 3 month at a time service. Plus, 20 dollars isn't bad for two or three polishes, though the honest truth is I don't really need them more often than not.

But we shall see how this goes.

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