Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Geek Living: not collecting nonsense

Still saving up for the couch. Currently after three weeks, I'm only at $115 of actual cash out of $350 earmarked for the purchase. That it is so little after so long is really no fault but my own. 

AKA I'm too lazy to visit an ATM and withdraw money in which to set aside. 

Which means the money sits in my account as I slowly drain it with expensive food purchases to satiate the fact that I never bring enough food to eat at school.

And the longer I wait, the harder it is becoming for my itchy fingers not to buy a totally useless accessory for a piece of furniture I don't have yet.

Like this cute throw pillow. For a couch I don't own yet.

CraftSquatch is pretty awesome too...

Nevermind the wonderful, beautiful junk I can find at any Salvation Army, Goodwill or Value Village in my area. I am currently holding back from going for fear of coming home with something I can't place.

Bad enough I have a small collection of plushies, including my much beloved Marshtomp in a corner collecting dust in a corner of my home because - again - I have no place to put them, and the bed is a little small for them to make it a permanent residence.

Nevermind my collection of hockey and Lord of the Rings figurines that I haven't even had the courage to bring from my parent's home with me because I don't have anywhere for them to go.

Anyway I counted up all the "necessary" items I need to comfortably furnish and fashion my home based on what IKEA has to offer. (Granted, I found similar items for cheaper elsewhere, such as Walmart, but presently that is neither here nor there until I get past the "couch buying" stage)

All told, I'm looking at spending $1350 dollars. And that's just furniture.

But let's just work on buying that couch first...

Also... Sorry. No style post this week.

Mostly because my attire has been intentionally boring this week and the one cute outfit I wore (this past Saturday) I didn't really get a good solid picture of. And given I'll be spending the next four days mired in work alongside j-school, therefore leaving me in a constant state of "work appropriate attire" generally means my outfits will stay pretty boring.

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