Saturday, June 16, 2012

Geek Living: lunchbox living

So I'm working every day this weekend. 

Not only does this mean I revert to the t-shirt, sweater and jeans uniform in order to not to freeze at my workplace - during a fabulous weekend to boot - but it also means that, along with five days worth of school - I often have to eat at the workplace and/or school. Which means one of two things. Either I drop the money to pay for a meal, or I bring my own food.

I've struggled a bit with the latter option, honestly. Going to school at 8AM and coming home at 11PM some days certainly doesn't help the "save money, bring your own lunch" movement in my life. But I also know that  I can drop on average 10 to 15 dollars on a meal when I opt for the quick and easy solution. Over five days, that's a lot of money wasted.

So on Friday I found this pretty cute new website. It's called Easy Lunchboxes where people post their lunch box ideas. And there's some pretty great ideas in there too. And I made a decision.

First of all, I need one of those divided sandwich containers. Seriously. I went to Longo's after work today to find some and couldn't locate one at all. It was very discouraging but I'll have to commence my search elsewhere then.

Second of all, looking at all those yummy pictures, I realized finger foods are a hundred times easier for me to deal with. I'm not a big eater, but I'm a notorious snacker. Ergo, I don't eat a lot all at once, but over time. So stick to stuff like sandwiches cut in quarters, veggie sticks, small pieces of fruit, etc.

So here's my attempts at making a boxed lunch for Sunday at work (I made one for Saturday, but of course I ate it all. Plus, it was pretty similar to what I have here)

A roast beef and mustard sandwich on white, carrots and cucumbers and cherries on the side. It's not nearly as appetizing as it could be, but I really love how colourful it looks with the red, orange, green and yellow.

I'm going to be trying to maintain this finger food phenom for myself and see how long I can go before I grow bored of doing it. Hopefully by then I'll get interested in another weird lunch making trend and go for that.

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