Thursday, June 14, 2012

Stylize: feeling the asian nerd vibe

I don't get to dress like this too often.

This is because most days I have to go to work. And they either require me to wear a uniform or else I dress in business casual to keep from freezing to death due to the nature of the work.

But on my off-days, when j-school is pretty much the only thing I have to worry about, I tend to be more open to being a little more creative with my otherwise staid wardrobe.

Today's outfit is what I describe as me channeling my "asian nerd" vibe. I go through different vibes most morning (depending on how lazy I am feeling) and this one was one I actually dreamt about the night before.

It is, as one friend described it for me, a very "Korean/Japanese"-esque outfit.

The whole thing worked for me because while it was a warm summer-y day, it wasn't so warm that I didn't feel grateful for having the socks for a bit of extra coverage. The sweater too became pretty essential because the classroom we used was actually very, very cold.

The skirt and necklace was thrifted and a very lucky find I made at Value Village. The sweater I got second-hand from my sister. The graphic t-shirt is something I bought from Forever21 two years ago, while the socks are something I purchased from Ardene around the same time (but don't wear too often due to its unique style).

The hat, a purchase I made a few weeks ago at H&M I threw on because I liked it, and as I showered that morning my hair was a bit of a mess because of how it dried (all over the place)

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