Friday, June 15, 2012

Geek Living: seeking the perfect couch

About six months ago I got my very first own apartment as part of me going to graduate j-school.

It's a small bachelor pad, but I love the space. It's very inspirational in terms of decorating.

It's still even now a work in progress. As I left home with only a bed and a desk (I didn't even have a desk chair) I've had to slowly add to it bit by bit with the money I earn at my jobs.

Currently, it's not bad. I was loaned a bookshelf and a television (an old CRT but very functional) while adding other small essentials. to make my space comfortably livable and lovable.

Currently though, there remains one fatal issue (well more than one really, but this is my greatest issue).

I lack a couch.

As a result I end up doing a lot of work - that being homework, reading and stuff off the laptop - from my bed. Because working from a laptop on my office chair isn't terribly comfortable for me, while the two wooden chairs I have on the side for my dining table is even worse.

That needs to be rectified.

And right now, I'm leaning towards this couch.

It's a KLIPPAN from IKEA in turquoise. Looks familiar? Because it's the same couch that's owned by Penny from my current big television sitcom obsession The Big Bang Theory.

I can help but love the look. The colour is so striking when placed against my mostly black furniture (by choice I picked black though) it matches the walls of my washroom and it's so cute.

Comfort would be an issue as I have yet to sit on it or try it out in store but in all honesty, I think I'm in love...


  1. I am also in love with this couch, but when I do get it, I'm planning on choosing a darker shade of blue for the upholstering fabric. I should tell you (perhaps you already know this)that this sofa isn't available in turquoise; it was reupholstered with a different fabric.