Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Stylize: heat warning wear

So the weather outside is frightful.

As in frightfully hot and humid.

33 degrees celsius outside in what feels like 80% humidity. My wood tile floors in my home is still sticky from the fun of the weather.

For some reason though, it still didn't compel the city to issue an extreme heat warning...

Still, I couldn't go out in complete beach gear. My j-school is still crazy air-conditioned, therefore, some coverage and warmth are often necessary in order to not turn into an ice cube while in class. Very distracting.

Today was a bit of an "Woodland elf" feel. I may have failed in giving my hair a more natural "tussle" suitable for extended forest travel, but otherwise I did stick to the greens, browns and greys typical of your so-called Mirkwood elf.

I failed a little bit in this shot, in that you can't see the deep green shorts from Bluenotes I got a few weeks back that I'm wearing beneath the vest and white t-shirt. But at least the shoes are visible in this one.

I got these boots online from Aldo back in November and spent my winter addicted to them. They don't get as much wear as they should now because it's warm but I decided to throw them out today because they're comfy and worked with the outfit.

The fabulous grey vest was second-hand from the sister. The white t-shirt was bought in fall from the Gap (back when I worked as a retail slave) and the earrings are from Ardenes. I'm not even sure where those socks came from, and the necklace has been worn previously before.

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