Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Geek Media : the hobbit production video #7

As a complete fantasy nerd, to say that I didn't watch the newest production video for THE HOBBIT movie a million times since it was released on June 6th would be considered a giant travesty. After all, this is the FIRST production video since March 2nd, a long 3 months ago!

Well... I didn't. <.<

Reason? Work and school. 


And the Stanley Cup Final. And the Calder Cup Final.

And I'm not even a fan of the LA Kings OR the New Jersey Devils. 

I know, I am currently failing miserably at maintaining my geek cred. I should half-consider turning in my badge and accept the fact that as much of a geek I may be in some areas, I certainly fall short in the "should not be interested in sports" part of the necessary criteria.

My excuse; I can't help it. I'm a true-blue Canadian. I bleed hockey.

Anyway, here's the latest production video. Remember, THE HOBBIT books are required reading.

THE HOBBIT: Part 1 Trailer:

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