Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Geek Looks: julep maven october box

So I didn't cancel this month's package from Julep as part of its prescription promotions.

I had planned to, as nail polishes aren't a big time need for me and for 20 bucks, I could spend that on a good meal.

But no, I let myself get it. In fact, I allowed it.

It wasn't because of the colours they were offering. To be frank, I wasn't crazy about much of the colours they had available in any of the packages they were giving out, or if I liked any, it was only one in a package of two or three polishes.

It's not even the dark brown glitter or the randomly boxed candy corn that was also sent with my package. (That, honestly, was the oddest part of opening this month's package.

No that's not the reason why I accepted getting the package.

This was.

It is the Julep Quick Dry Polish Drops, a product that they claimed can dry your polish with as little as two or three drops in an instant.

Too good to be true? I don't know, I haven't tried it yet, but if what is says is true (and I most unequivocally hope it is) it is the be-all-end-all godsend of my nail polish reality.

Listen, I'm not a patient person nor do I have a lot of time on my hands. As a blogger and a semi-professional writer (or as close as they come in some respects) I'm constantly multi-tasking the many things I do to keep my head above water in this world. When I treat myself to a masque treatment to deal with rough, dry skin on my face, I'm also always writing, or researching or reading.

 There are always dishes to clean, papers to organize and clothes to hang and put away.

So to sit still and do my nails and wait what sometimes seem like ages for the polish to dry is excruciating. I can't generally type on my computer, I can't do dishes, I can't pick things up... I basically can't do anything but bloody well watch the telly and hope something interests me for more than 5 minutes... which doesn't often happen.

So this would be wonderful. This would solve a lot of my polish problems.

And that's why I spent $20 dollars on this month's box.

You can get Julep boxes for 1 cent if you're interested. Just go to and fill out the survey to figure out what kind of maven you are. Then use the promo code COLOR2012 (that's the one I used and it should still work) and that's it! If you only want that one time offer, don't forget to call soon after you get your first package to cancel!

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