Friday, October 12, 2012

Geek Toys: flip fold clothing board

In another post of "awesome things I found while watching Big Bang Theory" I bring you the flip folding  clothing board used by Sheldon Cooper in Season 2 episode 2's Bad Fish Paradigm.

As soon as I saw it, I said I wanted it.

See, I live on my own and had my share of having to endure the often tedious and painful task of carefully folding my clothes after having to launder them. And after three full years working in retail, frankly, it's a massive pain in my ass.

I'm sure it's a pain similar to those that everyone who lives on their own - whether it be in a dorm room or otherwise - knows about. It makes you fondly reminisce of the days when mom would do it for you and you only need to go home to clean and folded socks and pants.

Something tells me this was one of the parting gifts that Sheldon got from his mother when he left for college at the age of 11 in order to keep her having to visit him every week to launder and fold his clothing for him.

So where did Cooper get this ingenious device that we all never seen or heard about until we saw that most brilliant episode?

Amazon of course.

Officially, it is called the "Banggood Magic Easy Fast Speed Folder Clothes Shirts Pants Towel Folding Flip Fold Board" (small wonder this thing doesn't appear in the search engine that easily) and it appears to be very similar in style or model as that one that Sheldon Cooper uses. And it comes in an array of colours to suit your tastes (so you don't have to settle on the "classic blue" of Sheldon's).

And it's cheap. It retails as low as $12.99 (CDN) or if you get it from the actual manufacturer you can also get it for $17.90.

Shipping is excluded of course, though the seller claims to includes free shipping if you purchase this item.

This would be the perfect gift fold the folding clothes impaired or the newly minted university student. Or the neurotic individual that needs their clothing folded the same way every single time!

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