Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Geek Style: how to wear a contrast layered collar shirt

 Last week I found this ADORABLE button up blouse on Forever21's website and I had to purchase it.

It's called a Contrast Layered Collar Shirt.

It has a relaxed, loose fit, enough that a size small doesn't pull at the seams around my chest which is actually a considerable concern for me. (Which is kinda ridiculous in my mind) And it's incredibly soft and light against my skin and sits well on my body.

It has shirred shoulders, giving it a puffed look that Anne Shirley spent years begging for, but not so much that it looks like you're wearing padded shoulders.

But what did it for me was the black pipping along the edges that really made the shirt stand out and separate itself from the plain white blouses you often see. And of course, there's the cute Peter Pan collar around the neck that adds a level of innocence to the style that I love.

It has an incredibly whimsical and innocent style to it that in my eyes, is very Asian. It is also a look that is very easy to style up and style down depending on your inclination, style or needs for the day and night.

Here are some outfit ideas (using similar contrast button-up tops) that can take a shirt like this from fun and flirty, to cute and clean, to posh and pretty.

WORKING 9 to 5
top, black pencil skirt, sheer stockings, heels

Tucking in the top beneath a simple black pencil skirt can really make this top appear office and work appropriate for any day you're at a job or even a job interview.

Leave the top button undone to dampen the youthfulness of the Peter Pan collar and to allow for you to accessorize.

Also, because the fabric is semi-sheer, be sure to pair it with a demure white camisole so not to provide a less than appropriate peep show.

Sheer stockings (it's fall out there!) sharp, pointed toe classic black heels and a small purse or clutch finishes the look.

top, short skater skirt, flats/low heels

All it takes is one change in style of clothing to make this kind of shirt go from work-chic to date-night perfection. Instead of a pencil skirt, use a flirty and fun thigh-long skater shirt of any colour to make it easy to move and twirl into your night. And of course, the brighter and more vibrant the colour, the more fun this outfit can look.

Want to keep it cute? Keep the outfit simple by minimizing the accessories, keeping the hair loose and natural and pairing it with a demure pair of flats.

But it you want to vamp it up, go for a pair of killer heels, some sexy nail polish, eye-popping accessories like bracelets, statement necklaces and earrings and a solid clutch. Upscale it with some evening wear make-up to make you and the shirt stand out in a crowd.


top, pair of jeans, converses
top, pair of black skinnies, combat boots

Not a fan of skirts? No worries. Because this shirt can look clean and comfortable in pants too.

Give this shirt a sexy style by pairing it with some low-rise dark wash skinny jeans. You can either tuck it in, leave it loose or tuck in the front but leave the back loose for a relaxed but stylish statement to the look.

Give it a weekend feel by wearing some combat boots to add some spice. Or you can relax it right back down using a pair of converses instead.

top, layered sweater, bowler hat, black skinnies, doc martens

This outfit pays homage to the fact that it's fall time where I am, and as any good Canadian can tell you, this is a time to layer your clothes not just as a fashion statement but for practical, cold weather reasons too.

You can use a thin, loose fitting shirt like seen here, or you can use a big bulky sweater to increase the warmth and layering involved, which is especially useful when winter comes.

The bowler hat adds a touch of classic glamour to the outfit, something that keeps it cute but also in touch with fashion.

Too cold for docs? try the outfit with boots to add some sex appeal and to make for easier travel in snowy weather.

The best thing about this shirt is simply its flexibility, its classic style and its stylish simplicity. You don't need a ton of accessories to give it character, the character is already built in with the contrast seaming style, but it does also go well with accessories to give it some more oomph.

It is a piece that can transition with any other outfit or piece and a style that won't quickly transition out of style with the right kind of pieces to complement it.

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