Thursday, October 11, 2012

Geek Looks: the quest against sun spots

It's been roughly two months since I first got the tools in which I felt I needed to really get rid of the sun spots on my face that has plagued me for years.

In those two months, I learned a couple of things from my face and my skin.

First, my face has stood up rather well all those years of me not fussing with it or doing anything really at all to it outside of the occasional foundation and using your typical drugstore cleanser. It is not oily, or dry or a combination of either. I had about the best kind of skin you could imagine and I didn't realize then how fortunate I was.

But as soon as I began a multi-step treatment routine on my face, the case wasn't so true. My skin was unhappy with the excessive amount of chemicals being used on it (and keep in mind, this was a four-step process, with the final step being BB cream) but thankfully didn't break out into hives or acne.

But it did dry out further than I ever expected. And because it was drying out, it was rough to the touch and felt tight and lacked elasticity.

So I scaled back my usage. Now I only apply the three step whitening serum products before I leave home for work or school as opposed to the prescribed day and night application. I also take "days off" where once a week or so, I don't apply either, normally a day when I don't go out.

 Because I cut back on my use to these products to days only, leaving a gap in my whitening regime, I found and purchased while it was on a half-price special through UNT a night care serum for whitening called C*Clarity.

I also purchased an Aqua Therapy masque treatment to help hydrate skin while also decided to add a light night cream by Neutrogena as part of my daily night routine.

I'm still tinkering with the finer parts of my skin care routine. I've been looking into and debating on the quality and care of facial moisturizers for day use, as I'm finding that the moisturizing aspect of my BB cream, that I've been hoping to bank on somewhat has been sub-par in dealing with the dryness of my skin.

I'm also casually looking into perhaps purchasing a new facial cleaner that is a little less harsh on my skin.

Currently I use two different brands, one in the shower and one for the sink when I'm not taking a full blown shower. I've been using both brands interchangeably for years with no issues, but these days, especially after use I'm finding my skin especially tight and dry after usage.

But that isn't even the important question. The real question here is is any of this working? 



No lie, the difference in lighting (natural vs. fluorescent) makes it hard to tell in the pictures. Plus, I'm wearing BB cream in the images from today.

But shockingly in a sense, all of this work and effort is actually having an effect on my skin. I realized this a few days ago while applying C*Clarity to my face. My sun spots were looking smaller and less prominent. The other day, I put on a concealer that for awhile has been too light for my skin tone and it blended perfectly

Despite having to scale back recommended use, it's still fixing my sun spot and darker skin pigment.

I'm not out of the woods yet. I'm still working on those freckles and sun spots and plus, they said it'll take at least 3 months to really notice significant results. But overall I'm still relatively pleased.

If only it'd work faster though...

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