Monday, October 15, 2012

The Experiment: unt aqua therapy vita-botanic hydrating gel masque

hydrating gel masque
rated 3 and a half out of 5 stars

I bought this tube of Aqua Therapy on discount with my purchase of C*Clarity from UNT earlier last month.

It was a bit of a splurge purchase. It was being discounted for purchasing C*Clarity and at its lowered price (under $20) basically pulled my spending urges far enough where I bit. And bought it.

A few days ago, the end of my nose was a bit irritated. It was very dry, rough and kinda flaky. Not a sexy feeling by any stretch of the word.

I decided to use of the masque to see how well it'd work on this dry patch of skin to re-hydrate my face.


It applied smooth and light and cool, I expect due to those ingredients that are supposed to provide cooling sensation is supposed to relax and calm skin irritations caused by dehydration. I also rubbed it gently, which was not instructed nor do I know if it was prescribed and will be something I will do differently the next time I use it.

Then I sat back and allowed it to do its work.

The gel advertises itself as being able to restore suppleness from the deepest layer of the skin, therefore being the ultimate solution to quench your dry skin's thirst. With it's mix of natural and rather unnatural ingredients, it supposedly is supposed to provide high soothing relief to water deprived skin and seals off moisture in the bottom layers.

I understand where it gets its claims that it provides a soothing relief. It was like I had a water masque on it. But it wasn't unpleasant or uncomfortable, just cool.

As for the ingredients, it involves two kinds of acid (NASHA-grad hyluronic and aspartic) as well as cogongrass extract and spiraea ulmaria extract. But that's not what stood out for me.

Another "hydrating" ingredient used in it (and part of its "complex") is urea. For those who haven't gone through a thorough biology education, urea is the main ingredient in urine. That isn't to say that one is applying actual urine on your face, but it definitely made me blink for a moment.

After 15 minutes, I was starting to feel a tightening on my face. The product was beginning to dry out, leaving a tacky feeling on my face, like I had left a thin layer of glue. But since you are only supposed to have the masque on for only 15 minutes, I did not think much of it.


Despite what is advertised it certainly isn't a quick fix for "hydrating" skin. My nose felt a little smoother, but not by much. Even after carefully patting the skin dry to prevent the towel from possibly creating friction on my face, it still felt noticeably rough that only a healthy smattering of night cream before bed was able to generally fix.

It may have long term benefits, but certainly not short-term.

I can see the benefits in helping your face and neck when they are itchy and irritated for when your skin is dry. Which means it'll be perfect for when winter comes and that is legitimately a fairly significant issue with me and my skin.

But it is not the miracle cream it seemed to advertise itself to be, and for that it lost stars. But ultimately, it still has a use and does work for something.

This post was written by me without sponsorship or endorsements.

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