Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Geek Style: understanding studs

For me, nothing ruins a good piece like studs.

And I'm not just talking about the huge, gaudy, pyramid studs that hearkens back to the days of 80s punk rock that covered so much of the shirt or the jacket that it was more studs than fabric, nor am I just talking about the five inch spike that looks like it could kill someone.

I'm talking about even the small "stylish" and "classy" studs that are and have been cropping up everywhere.

Why? Because they snag and they tear when you launder it and they can quickly become the most annoying part of the outfit depending on how it's assembled. Also it is dated and is an embellishment that can go from classy to tacky in mere seconds.

Why buy something if you only get to wear it a few times before it's no longer in style and "uncool"?

What also may help is the fact that I'm more attracted to the classy-chic looks that sticks with basics for the most part and studs just doesn't jive with that sense of style.

Unfortunately, one of this Fall's biggest fashion trend is studs. On bags, in shoes, on sweaters and on shirts. There are few pieces this fall that has escaped this now seemingly necessary addition.

And it is making shopping for clothes online and otherwise a headache sometimes.

This is particularly true for the website DailyLook.

This website is designed to give its free subscribers two to three outfits that reflects styles that are popular. The pieces used are all chic and affordable, and that - despite them not coming off the shelves of a name brand or designer store - is well constructed and made.

I love some of the styles and outfits that are produced on the website as they appeal to my broader sense of fashion. Some of the pieces too are even things I've been looking for when seeking out different solutions.

(If only their minimum shoe size wasn't 5.5 however! Oh the pains of being a size 5...)


Everything that was somewhat cute and something I would buy... had studs somewhere on it. Studs on the collar, studs on the pockets.

And I can't stand it.

There are a number of Fall trends this year that I enjoy (Oxblood being my favourite) and would definitely try if not completely buy into, but studs are a HUGE miss for me and an actual deterrent in purchasing an item. Which as you can imagine, is why I'm waiting with great anticipation for this trend to be over with.

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