Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Geek'd: The end of a chase for an upgraded laptop

After a month of chasing, begging, pleading and pain, I finally got my new laptop! An ASUS with a 15.6 inch screen, AMD Dual Core and 320GB HDD.

So awhile ago, I dealt with the saga of not getting a tracking number sent to my email and therefore having my purchase shipped and then returned for a refund.

I ran into the problem of not being sent a tracking number. Again. And that was with a different shipping method (I expressed the shipping).

But this time I was aware and prepared of that inevitability. So I called NewEgg and got my shipping number handed to me so that I could keep track of it via Purolator and have at the whole terrible experience.

But I was wrong. Oh I was very wrong.

I called Purolator the next day as soon as I saw that they were having difficulty sending to my address, as usual. I needed to know why (it was the buzz code problem as it always is) and where the package is being left to be picked up, because for whatever reason they couldn't even leave a note stating they tried to send me something and failed for whatever reason and here's where I can find it. In this case, was on the other side of town a good two-and-a-half public transit ride to the location.

Normally, these issues are easily fixed. I call  Purolator and get them to relocate my shipment from that god-awful spot to a commercial Purolator centre close to me.

But... it's not the case this time.

See, the wholesale company that got the order from NewEgg and shipped it out had apparently placed a special designation on it that said, even if the customer requests the relocation of the shipped item to a convenient location, it cannot be relocated without the expressed permission of the company that shipped it.

So I got the number of the company and called them. The customer guy goes on to tell me that because they have no access to personal accounts sent by NewEgg and that I'd have to talk to them.

So I did. And I got a "We will contact you in a few hours to tell you the results of our investigation."

24 hours later, nothing.

So I called them again and got a, "We can't actually do anything for you, once it's shipped it's out of our hands."

Basically saying, we can only relocate the package ONCE YOU REORDER YOUR PURCHASE.

To summarize, they have created a system where if there is a problem with delivering the item to your home, THERE IS NO REASONABLE SOLUTION TO FIX IT SHORT OF PERSONALLY PICKING IT UP AT THE HIGHLY OUT-OF-THE-WAY SHIPPING CENTRE.

At this point, I had enough.

First I extended the hold date on the laptop. Then I called in a massive favour to get a ride to the location to pick up the package within operating hours.

And now it is finally home, and just in the nick of time. Over this weekend, the left hinge finally gave way on my old laptop, leaving the plasma screen hanging loose on that side. And with the wiring of the laptop to the plasma screen largely situated on said side, it now requires extra special care.

It definitely is no longer easily transportable in any case.

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