Monday, August 27, 2012

FANeXpo 2012: cosplays on day 4

Cosplays on Sundays are often much more muted and quiet as most and many tend to use the last day to make final purchases, say good-bye to old and new friends before packing up and leaving for home and the harsh world of actual reality.

But reality can be delayed for a day, and there are still some who appear for one last hurrah at being your favourite superheroes or characters, or else just prefer the fun and voyeurism of wearing a costume. I did it for Sunday, and I wasn't the only one.

But first... my last COSTUME OF THE DAY!

To be honest, I don't know what this is (apparently it's from a game as one of my friends were able to identify it but I can't recall precisely what he said) but I thought it was adorable, well made and well executed. The construction looked solid and as a sewer I know that despite its simple concept, working with latex and making it come together cleanly and flawlessly is very very difficult to pull off!

Anyway, my regrets in terms of not finding (or lack thereof) of certain cosplays, I was really really hoping some group of guys would get together and dress up as the characters from The Big Bang Theory. But alas it was not to be and I was sorely disappointed on that front.

I saw a Katniss (from the Hunger Games) with the silver bow and the outfit from her bout in the arena but I did not see the girl on fire dress, an outfit I would have found worth a good picture.

And finally, you can tell the abundance of superhero movies and lack of anything fantasy or sci-fi has left the convention overrunned by Avengers, Batmans and Spidermans.

So here are the rest of my cosplay photos. Hope your weekend was costume-filled and fun. It's always and adventure for me.

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