Thursday, August 2, 2012

Geek Living: geeky coaster creations

I am looking for coasters.

And these, pictured, would be the ideal purchase in that category. Because Lord of the Rings book cover is a genius concept in which to set my cup upon.

They are made and sold by the etsy seller myevilfriend. Her store, called Tara's Dinos 'N More actually have an amazing set of geeky-themed ceramic tile coasters. From Ghostbusters to Star Wars to Doctor Who, one can purchase and use these amazing looking pieces for a relatively pricey (for coasters), but not exorbitant price of $12 USD for a set of four.

Which would be solid, if not for the $13 dollar shipping price to Canada from the USA (Des Moines, Iowa to be exact). There is this note that indicates that "with another item" the price of shipping would be $2.50 only, but I am uncertain if that has to be from within the store or is it etsy-wide.

It's something I would like to know.

It's amazing. Despite everything you can find at Dollarama (an amazing chain of dollar stores in Canada), coasters are not one of them! One would think a solid set of  (albeit plain) cardboard coasters would be available there.

No such luck, though I did look at IKEA and found this and this set of coasters for $2 CDN. Granted, the plain and colourful set is a set of 6 while the one with the tree pattern upon it has only 4.

Anyway, reason why I'm looking for coasters is because my coffee table is barely 2 weeks old and it is already suffering from some rough treatment.

I do... just about everything around it and on it. From watching television to eating breakfast to simply vegging, my home at home is currently my couch and my coffee table.

But because of it, it's suffering from having my laptop set upon it and shifted around constantly, which has been scratching its black polish surface. But most damaging is the numerous cold drinks I tend to enjoy while utilizing my couch for my enjoyment.

Besides the coasters, I am also looking to get a table runner for the coffee table to minimize the amount of damage the table will suffer from use as well. But I haven't yet had the chance to seek out and really find (or make) one. I am thinking of a pattern, either a vibrant blue along these lines or even a multi-coloured pastel stripe like this one on

And no, this isn't because I haven't yet found a geeky-themed table runner anywhere (yet) that I'm going with these concepts.

Not, it's because geek works better when its an accent piece. Too much geek, and things can clash and become a little overdone.

After all, even Sheldon and Leonard's apartment on the set of The Big Bang Theory isn't loaded up with items from geekdom. It's a nice balance of shabby chic and geeky/science-y items.

(All things considered though, the decoration is likely largely due to Mr. Leonard Hoffstaeder's design parable, as Sheldon is likely one who simply does not care about how the place looks as long as he can find his stuff)

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