Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Geek Looks: unt care package

It finally arrived!

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a set of skin lifting - okay, skin whitening - serums and toners from a Taiwanese company called UNT. And I finally picked it up at the post office!

UNT was a company I discovered via the blog GeekyPosh. She exhibits a similar beauty style and substance than I do and she spoke very highly of UNT's product lines. Though sensitivity was not addressed in any sense, I went ahead with giving it a try as I personally don't have any sensitive skin issues when it comes to make-up products.

After reading what they do and figuring out what I wanted, I settled on three products from their website - EX WHITE Serum, EX WHITE Renew and BRIGHT C* Perfect Toner. I may later choose to also get C* CLARITY as another step to add to the routine. 

Now, many of these products are not all that cheap. Most of the serums clock in at close to $40 dollars.

But they have free worldwide shipping at all times. Plus, I lucked out. They were holding an anniversary sale at the time which meant that I could buy one and get the second item half off! Which was awesome as one bottle of EX WHITE cashes in at $37.83 CDN. And because of how their sale worked, I managed to get EX WHITE Renew ($32.27) for half price. And because of that, I threw on  the BRIGHT C* Perfect Toner.

(The sale is no longer available, but they do have very solid deals involved with their products - after all, they need to find a way to make shipping free worldwide shipping worth it for them after all)

I'm actually really excited to use these and see how well they work and what effects they have in helping me get rid of these.

I've had freckles for years - an effect from living, loving and working under the sun. They weren't a big deal for me until a handful of years back when I became self aware of them. My solution? Concealer, especially to cover the dark sun spot on my left lower cheek and the spots on my upper nose.

But it's only been this year where they've become a really prevalent part of my face and subsequently, a part of me that I've become quite self-conscious of.

And being a stereotypical Asian, I really do like and prefer the lighter skin tones. Life as a tanned Asian doesn't work for me.

So the strategy and goal is this - apply these products daily every morning and evening. After a month's time, see how the freckles and the skin are holding together. Even if it lightens some of the freckles a little I'll be happy!

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