Thursday, August 9, 2012

Geek'd: the fanexpo preparation

August has arrived! And you know what that means right?

No, not back to school shopping time... well yes that's true but that isn't what I'm alluding to.

We're a few short weeks away from FANeXpo, one of the biggest geek conventions... in Canada.

Now let me get this straight. It hardly compares to San Diego's Comi-Con in popular culture or the media; in fact there's no contest, Comi-Con has this thing for breakfast and defecates it an hour later.

And as far as the cosplay and "hardcore geeks and fans" are concerned, it's somewhat half-par compared to the stuff you see the fan-organized conventions such as Anime North that happens yearly here in Toronto. This is mostly because cosplay (especially the creative variety) doesn't drive this convention and there is very little show of support for it to boot.

And you have to pay crazy money to meet to good actors. Even getting paraphernalia signed from the sub-par actors cost good money.

Though what do you expect from a corporately organized and run convention?

Still... it remains a pretty big deal, and it attracts thousands on a yearly basis. And I've been going to this convention for close to a decade now, ever since I first volunteered.

The plan for the convention never really changes for me. Show up in costume, stand in a big ass line and then stand in more big ass lines. Buy some stuff. And then sit around for a long time.

But this year I wouldn't mind sitting in on a few panels (provided I don't have to pay extra and worry about not getting a seat). And I would like to try some new board games.

As for the costume, I'll be reusing my Haku outfit from Anime North, given the time and money spent on making the whole thing look good. And I want to make use of my investment as a result.

More to come...

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