Monday, August 13, 2012

Geek Style: job interview inspirations

So my school's course coordinator just sent out an email the other night announcing that in a few days time, someone will be coming in to interview members of our class for a highly sought after internship spot in the city that I have my eyes on since I started the program.

Now the nature of these internships, or any of the internships/jobs I am looking at are not strict in terms of the work wardrobe, largely due to the nature of the work and the work environment.

Despite this, it is still highly recommended that when one goes into a job interview, you have got to dress to the nines irregardless of the nature of the job. As CollegeFashion.Net suggested: "You need to dress for success."


Because in so many ways, first impressions are so important. As UCLA professor Albert Mehrabian explains:
First impressions are formed in 7 seconds. 38% of a first impression is based on inflection and tone of voice (how you say things), 7% is based on what you actually say, and a whopping 55% of a first impression comes from NONVERBAL cues! In short, more than half of every first impression is based on how you look!
So besides polishing up the resume and refining your knowledge of the company (research, despite what some may think, can be the key between getting the job and losing your shot), also take a good, hard look at what outfit would works best.

Here are some of my ideas for my upcoming interview.


The point of this first outfit for me is to remind me that you can still look polished and professional without having to break out the black blazer with matching black pant. Especially during the heat of the summer. Keep things cool with a light coloured dress pant (khaki works well) by matching it with a fancy cap-sleeved white top with a beautiful bow for embellishment.

Some black flats keeps the whole thing grounded. And just to break up the neutrals, add a pop of colour with this beautiful pink purse.

The hairstyle is simple yet modern, a reminder to keep your hair just as polished as the look. Don't go overly complicated when putting together a hairstyle because frankly, too much may send the wrong message.


The nature of the industry that this job encompasses is not a skirt-heavy environment. Because of this, women are largely bound to the dress pant. But if you feel the need to express your femininity, go with a feminine top - a floral patterned ruffle-sleeved shirt that really stands out with this black pant. The shoes add another beautiful touch of colour while the earrings keep the whole thing demure.

The hair is another style that can help keep those loose, annoying bangs out of your face while also giving you an easy and neat hairstyle.

If you noticed with all the above outfits, none of them include blazers (for practicality reasons, given that the interview will be happening in the heat of summer here) although it is an easy addition if need be. Also, all the tops may be close to being sleeveless, but is actually not. If there is one thing I learned from experience in this industry, sleeveless tops are actually considered "too-casual" - in other words, "too sexualized".

So stay away from the sleeveless top for the interview, no matter how cute or perfect they are. Save them for when you have the job and can match them with a nice cardigan! 

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  1. First impressions last, so dress to impress! Wear proper and comfortable attire and keep it simple and not distracting. Also, equip yourself with enough knowledge about the position and company you are applying for. Appear confident and talk with confidence!

    -Raymond Borrego