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Geek Living: the hogwarts supplies list

This is the second in a series of posts for back-to-school based upon the Harry Potter series. This week, will be all about Hogwarts-inspired decor for back to school for the home, office or workspace.

Click here to check out the first part of this series - A Visit to Diagon Alley.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, I was an active and happy member of a Hogwarts simulation community called HOL - Hogwarts Online.

Unfortunately life got in the way as I grew older, but not before I made some friends for life and an experience that would be as close to a real life Hogwarts as a Muggle can get, homework included.

But there is one part of the experience that fell a little short - the exciting prospect of shopping for school supplies at Hogwarts. does a passably good job of providing that experience, but if you're looking for the real, physical thing in your life, that's where this fun little pieces of Harry Potter themed decor inspired by the supplies list comes into play.


Books have always been a pivotal component of the yearly Hogwarts supplies list (and frankly the most interesting part of it). Which is why this idea is first and front and center. Given that the magical world hearkens primarily back to the seventeenth century, it is fair to assume that old fashioned, leather bound books is what most school textbooks likely appear like.

You can probably find these kind of old books at any second-hand store like Goodwill or Value Village. And if you really want to take the time, you can even convert the covers of each book to display the titles of the Harry Potter books as taught in this awesome tutorial (see image below).

There are two ways you can choose to display it - on your bookshelf, or if you are a little short on space, you can also give it a magical touch by having it appear to float against your wall on an invisible bookshelf.

Though I recommend in either case not to feel obligated to "purchase" all 8 first year books, (unless you really want to).


As the olde tyme writing set on ThinkGeek.Com advertises (and pictured): "Write an email like they did in the olden days."

I love the artistry and beauty of an inkwell and feather quill. And of course, those are the utensils that Hogwarts students use when at school, whether they be doing homework or taking notes.

Granted, the standard ink they use is green in colour, whereas the one supplied here is black, but you can always go out and purchase green calligraphy ink.

Of course, if you're not crazy about the style of this quill pen, you can always make your own using this tutorial.

As for writing parchment, you can buy some from any stationary store, or you can also make your own.


It's one of the requirements on the list for potions class and there are so many different types and styles of phials that it's easy to incorporate them into your home as decoration.

Of course, plain and clear phials aren't all that fun or interesting. You can spice it up by filling it with some coloured water (using food colouring) OR there is this great tutorial on how to stain your bottles.

If none of these interest you, try perfume bottles. Or you can even double your existing perfume as part of the decor!


A telescope is a great addition to any home, and not just those that embraces the geek in them! The right kind (and size) can look sweet and stylish and can match any decor you have in your home.

Now, the main issue with telescopes are they can be pretty expensive. At over $100 dollars at least, they're pretty pricey for simple decor, especially for a person like me - a poor working student.

Also, I'm looking for something that's Potter-themed. Meaning no plastic and no modern styles. So the astronomer telescope is out of the question.

And finally, it can't be over large. At least, I don't want it overlarge for the simple reason that my apartment is small, therefore not allowing for an overlarge decoration.

Unbelievably, I did end up finding one that fell under all of these above criteria for decor.

Pictured here, it is called the Zhumell Bring 'em Near Pirate Spyglass Telescope. It can be found on and it only costs around $27 dollars. Hardly breaking the bank there (I spent more on beauty creams!)

Place them in a spot near the books, or on your desk and don't be afraid to use it too if you have a mind to. Fun and fancy all in one!

Hope it gives you some good ideas to help you on your way to school - whether it be to a regular campus or a castle.

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