Monday, August 20, 2012

Geek Style: from the scrapbook of style

Over the years, I have developed a certain sense of personal style. It's a mix of shabby chic and loose fit casual.

At least, that's what appeals to me visually for the last few years. And after coming off a early university/high school career wearing mostly skin tight shirts, it's a pretty nice change if you ask me.

Anyway, in those years before Pinterest was born, I used to download and store images on my computer that spoke most to me and inspired my style bug to seek out and recreate a version of said outfits. It was almost like a digital scrapbook.

So in part as an act of laziness (my sister borrowed my camera - as she doesn't have a fully working one of her own... she would have if she didn't bloody well lose my first camera last year) and because I do have a folder full of pictures that I've done nothing with but stare at for the last few years trying to visualize outfits, I will share a few with you.

Full disclosure: As these were largely found on the internets a few years back, I largely do not know where I found these images. If you do know however, feel free to leave a message so I can post some credit.


I really liked the attitude that this look conveyed. It's very loose fitting and organic in its aesthetic, while also adding a feminine appeal. It is much too casual for work however, suiting better for a day out running errands or simply just being out. And it's a bit warm to wear for the current weather anyway.

However, it does surprisingly play into this year's big trend, which is mixing prints. And that's despite the fact that this image is well over 2 years old. Who would have thought?


This is a picture I found of BoA Kwon (my K-pop obsession) years ago and I won't lie, I've recreated a similar outfit to that several times over. It's very natural in attitude but also fits my easy, casual and baggy style.

It's easy to upstyle for work as well which I think is rather important as well.


This entire outfit screams to me. I just love the ease of this outfit. It's neither underdressed nor is it overdone. I am still looking for knee-high shoes that would suit me for this but everything else is easy and chic from my closet.


I love this like you have no idea. I've spent days looking at it trying to figure out a way to best remake this without breaking my bank. Alas though, the parts (the lace dress, the grey sweater, the jacket) are not working parts of my wardrobe, but it remains a big inspiration when I create outfits when it is cold outside.


I downloaded this for the girl on the right. It is an outfit I always wanted to remake but never really got the chance. It defines a lot in me that I wish I could show, with the thigh-highs, the long cardigan, brown shoes and straw hat. It's so sublime in my mind and is an easy summer look.

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