Friday, August 17, 2012

Geek Style: confessions of a size 5

When I walk into a shoe store at a mall, my first question is not, "Do you have any boots?" or "What's on sale?"

No, it's "Do you carry size 5?"

And the answer is often "No, sorry."

Truth is, only a handful of manufacturers in Canada create size 5 footwear for women, and those that do don't create a lot of them. So the chances of finding one at all - let alone on sale - is so low that it's laughable.

And more often than not, when they can be found, they're just basic footwear.

What does it mean?

It means I miss out on all the cute footwear that most women oogle and splurge on. Nor do I have racks and closets full of shoes.

I call it the Carrie Bradshaw effect.

On one hand, it's good because it means that I'm less likely to blow my credit card limit on expensive and pricey shoes that I wear only once in awhile, especially given that the life I live and hopefully will live really does not necessitate a need of fifty pairs of shoes.

But on the other, when I do need shoes, it's a headache of a trip to accomplish.

The worst are heels however. Why?

Because with sneakers and boots and various other closed and flat shoe styles, I can often get away with wearing up to half a size or even a full size up. Generally my socks (or an insole) make up for the extra bulk needed to make it fit.

And SOME sandals and flats tend to have smaller sizes more widely available. And plus, if it's really necessary, I could always scope out the basic wear from the kids section.

But finding heels that fit me is paramount to a quest. First they need to be exactly size 5, since heels can't (or rather, shouldn't) be worn with socks and insoles are not a practical solution. And the kid's section is not a solution because they don't make adult-looking heels for kids. So everything there is generally so juvenile it can't be considered a solution. And finally, I have to be careful with the heel. I may have a normal arch for my foot but apparently it's not perfect enough to make wearing six inch heels for hours at a time a good idea. (And my intended career has me on my feet a lot)

So low-to mid heels. Size 5. Mature.

Somehow, asking for all these tend to be too much to ask.

So I'm driven and stuck to the world of online footwear shopping. (and even there the pickings can be slim)

Some people find great amusement in the fact that my feet are so small. But few people realize the hassle involved in finding shoes that fit me.

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